Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Don’t let Valentine’s Day catch you by surprise this year!  Shop our gift guide to find that perfect something for the one you love. Shop online or stop by the store. We gift wrap!


1. Patricia Locke “Glam” earrings in gold- $110

2. Dogeared “Bee Mine” necklace in gold- $62

3.Carla Caruso “Always” ring in gold- $564

4. Carla Caruso Dainty Ruby Ring- $88

5. Hotcakes Tiny Rose Stud earrings- $32

6. Mark Poulin “Peek-a-Dog” necklace- $30

7. Patricia Locke “Cassiopia” bracelet in gold- $172

8. Yasuko Azuma Ruby Ring with Diamonds- $1,030

9. Yasuko Azuma Pink Sapphire earrings- $945

10. Jane Hollinger “Teenie Two Tone” necklace- $125

11. Marian Maurer “Love” necklace- $442

12. Carla Caruso Heart Stud earrings in silver- $158

13. Kothari Round Sapphire Slice ring- $1,200


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