Clay Pot Picks of the Week

Introducing a new feature on our blog…Clay Pot Picks! Every week, our staff will pick 3 of our favorite new pieces to show you. Warning: may cause intense feelings of greed.

1. Melissa Joy Manning- Golden Bat Mandible and Herkimer Diamond Stud Earrings, $500

Melissa has been one of our favorite’s for years.  She always manages to find the most interesting stones and fossils and transforms them into something fabulous.  This time, she has outdone herself! She made a mold of a bat’s jaw bone and cast it in gold (yes, you read that correctly…a BAT jaw!). Then, she wrapped it around Herkimer diamonds. Seriously beautiful and unique!



2. Rebecca Overmann- Moss Agate Necklace on 14KY and Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain, $780

An absolutely stunning piece of moss agate! We LOVE the long, delicate chain and how it alternates between gold and oxidized sterling silver.



photo 3

Alice, our eCommerce manager, tries it on for size.

3. Sarah McGuire- One of a Kind Dalmation Jasper Ring, size 6.5, $978

Dalmation jasper? Yes, please! Lovely dark grey jasper with black spots, set in 18KY yellow gold.  This JUST came in and we are obsessed. This is so new it isn’t even up on our website yet! Come in for a closer look (there is a matching necklace, too!).


That’s all for today! Have a wonderful cozy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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