The Clay Pot is One of “America’s Coolest Stores”!

We are so excited to announce that we were voted one of America’s Coolest Stores by InStore Magazine! In its 12th year, the contest had entries from 89 stores across the country and aims to highlight the best examples of independent jewelry retailers in North America.  We are #5 in the “Big Cool” category,  which is for stores with over 5 employees.  According the magazine, stores are judged in exterior appearance, interior appearance, store biography, advertising, website and overall individuality.  Here are some of the nice things the judges had to say about us (we’re blushing)!:

“Ellen Fruchtman // Their story; humble beginnings and commitment to their community make The Clay Pot a very special place in Brooklyn. I love that they kept some of the originality from their first store. Their marketing is attractive (nice logo and packaging) and a big congratulations for continuing to update and realize how important your online presence really is. Now we know more than a tree grows in Brooklyn…a very cool store exists there as well!

David Hollingshead // Stunningly simple yet impactful décor in the jewelry area. Great mash-up of Asian-meets-Mad-Men-meets-2013 feel to it. It proves simple can be more sophisticated and elegant than ornate and over-decorated.

Angelique Knafo // This store exemplifies the pleasures of shopping locally! The Clay Pot represents the neighborhood jeweler and the attention and relationship that goes along with it. Hand-selected designers fill the showcases with care and attention and the assortment of jewelry will appeal to those seeking something special and unique.

Jim Tuttle // The Clay Pot has a very warm feel for an urban store and seems like a fun group of people.”


A photo taken of our founding owners, Sally and Bob Silberberg (Tara’s parents), at our grand opening in 1969!

Check out the InStore website to read an interview with our owner, Tara, and see pictures, video, and more!



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